hand and footprint mess free baby printing kit
baby hand and foot printing kit for newborn baby
inkless wipe hand and footprint kit nz for jewellery and tatoos
mess free baby hand and footprint printing kit nz

Mess Free/Ink-less Hand and Foot Printing Kits

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Not sure on what piece you would like or just looking for an inkless hand and footprint kit?

Each kit comes with 4 approx A5 sheets of paper and one magic inkless wipe. 

How do they work?
When you wipe the towlet on the hand, it leaves behind a translucent liquid. Pressing the hand or foot onto the paper will leave behind a clear impression of the hand or foot.

The kits are safe for newborn skin, however the area with warm soapy water to remove any residue after use. Full instructions are provided.  

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