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3d pendants from children's drawings
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Jewellery from children's drawings sterling silver
jewellery from drawings silver nz
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Deluxe Picasso Pendant

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Children's drawings turned into 3D pendants - a personalised necklace which captures a favourite sketch or artwork.

Some pictures make it to the fridge, some are framed, others become a treasured necklace or pendant. Jewellery tells stories - your artwork will be transformed into a 3D statement piece that has its own personalised story that will travel with you. Take that treasured drawing with you to work, travelling, or as a special gift for nana or distant relative.

Perfect For:
Special drawings
Drawings of pets, favourite toys
Drawings from trips and special events
Characters from hand-drawn cards and gifts
Self-portraits of a child and parent
Grandmothers and mums

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Most drawings with defined outlines are perfect. If your drawing has special details such as wings, halos, or extra special details you would like included, please send them along with the picture.
Erasing mistakes and scribbles, removing text, attaching legs and enhancing features are all part of our service. 
Drawings need to be scanned on a home scanner or alternatively, you can use a good quality camera or phone to capture the photo straight on. Please make sure the paper is flat and try to avoid shadows.
We will set to work in our studio transforming the masterpiece into a pendant and will get in touch if we have questions. In order to make your piece a robust piece of jewellery, we may need to simplify or modify parts. We aim to capture the essence of your drawing while making a piece that will last the distance.


- Drawings can be done digitally or on any size of paper, as long we have a clear image and can distinguish a clear outline.
- Pendants will be crafted in solid 925 sterling silver
- We are able to plate in 14k Rose Gold, 14k Gold or 18k Gold over brass (standard) or over sterling silver (by request). Plating is professionally done but longevity will be based on the individual care taken with the piece. We recommend solid sterling silver for daily wear.
- Complete with the matching necklace. 
- Drawings can be uploaded at the time of purchase or emailed to
- We reserve the right to refund in the case we feel images are inappropriate or detrimental to our brand.
- Please allow 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the drawing, please be in touch for an estimated time.

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